Folder Encryption with htaccess

Folder encryption with htaccess is a security measure that restricts access to a specific folder on a web server. By using this technique, you can add an extra layer of protection to your website’s content and ensure that only authorized users can access it.

To encrypt a folder with htaccess, follow these steps:

  • Create a new file in a text editor and name it “.htaccess”. Be sure to include the dot before the filename to make it a hidden file.
  • In the “.htaccess” file, add the following lines of code:

AuthType Basic
AuthName “Restricted Access”
AuthUserFile /path/to/passwords
Require valid-user

  • Replace “/path/to/passwords” with the full path to a file that will contain the authorized usernames and passwords. You can name this file whatever you like, but make sure to update the “AuthUserFile” line with the correct path and filename.
  • Save the “.htaccess” file and upload it to the folder you want to encrypt.
  • Create a new file in a text editor and name it “passwords”. In this file, enter one or more authorized usernames and passwords in the following format:
Folder Encryption with htaccess
Folder Encryption with htaccess


  • Save the “passwords” file and upload it to the location specified in the “AuthUserFile” line of the “.htaccess” file.

Once you have completed these steps, anyone who attempts to access the encrypted folder will be prompted to enter a valid username and password.

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